Afterlife Kids – 4 piece 90’s mosh / emo terror from Berlin. Check their Morgengrauen LP, it’s rad as hell!

At Folsom Prison – Our brothers. We love those guys

Ancst – Awesome black metal with a strong DIY attitude, we love those guys as well

Diligence – Female fronted  death metal. killer as fvck

esazlesa – Awesome screamo, funny guys, we do secretely worship them

Gattaca – Dark hardcore, emo-crust? Not sure but they made me cry. No kidding.

Henry Fonda – Scenester Slaying Fastcore Attack

Marnost – Poetry goes black metal

Remek – Future emo-violence classic

Sømerset – If you miss I Hate Sally like I do, I highly recommend this

Svffer – This is Play fast or don’t apocalypse! If you think only tough guys can scream like hell, the answer is NO!


Coffee Breath Records – Live & unreleased records for voluntary donations. You can read here what they do with collected money

Day After

Skull Witch Records

Yehonala Tapes – Total analog worship. Love so pure.


Black Metal And Brews

Black Metal Mother

Martinezz Photography – No matter what he will always support. He’s also taking pictures so rad I always check even the ones from shows I didn’t go to. He’s that good.

Occult Black Metal Zine

Support Black Metal – Support Black Metal is a page that has one major purpose – to help underground black metal bands get noticed and connect artists within this culture. NSBM and christian “black” metal are NOT respected here!

Tom is the Bastard – if you need some awesome graphic/artwork done

Why metal music and rock music in general don’t suit Nazi, fascist or racist ideologies

written by Protector from black metal band Summoning.

Think critically or die! / Mysli kriticky nebo zemři!